The first look at the FUDCon Pune 2015 schedule

After much hard work from a number of contributors, we finally have the first draft of the schedule ready at shdlr. We would like to thank SANIsoft for giving us the space to host the schedule.

After a successful migration of the Drupal COD instance from 6.x to 7.x, we were optimistic about not having any major technical issues in the website.  However that wasn't the case and we found it difficult to set up a schedule to our liking, which would have meant a complicated layout of 7 tracks with different timeslots.  The end result was not as we desired and we attribute that to the fact that we did not have competent enough drupal power users to tweak the instance and content to our satisfaction.

After struggling with the COD scheduler for a couple of days, Kushal suggested we use shdlr to host the schedule. He spoke to Tarique Sani and SANIsoft graciously supported us with a full account on to host the schedule.  We will continue to host the speaker bio and session information on and the news feed will be regularly updated, but the shdlr instance is where you need to go to get the latest updated schedule.

Finally, this is just the first take of the schedule and it will change right up to the day of the conference, so subscribe to the schedule to get updates!