Android Development on Fedora 21

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Mohan Prakash is a teacher, Java programmer and social activist. In his free time he contributes to Fedora Project.


Name: Mohan Prakash Academics: M.Sc., MCA Profession: Counsellor at IGNOU, Runs a private institution for teaching Mathematics and Computers. Age: 37 years No industry experience. 10 years teaching experience. Joined Fedora Project a year ago. Currently contributing as an infrastructure apprentice and in docs team. Languages preferred: C and Java (beginner in Python) Mostly self taught including Android Development.

Interest is growing fast in Android Development today.
More and more apps are being released by both business communities and others for smartphones.
Android apps can be developed very efficiently in Fedora 21.
Setting up the environment and starting to work is very easy and smooth.
The purpose of this talk is to encourage people to use Fedora 21 to build Android apps easily.

Topics to be covered:
1. Introduction to Android (3 minutes)
2. Android architecture (5 minutes)
3. Android app components (5 minutes)
4. Requirements for Android Development in Fedora 21 (3 minutes)
5. How to install Android Studio (5 minutes)
6. Building a simple app and running it on a real device (7 minutes)
7. Advantages of Android development in Fedora 21 (5 minutes)
8. Examples of apps (7 minutes)

Resources to be used:
1. Two Android apps developed with Android Studio on Fedora 21
2. Slides
3. Transcript

1. Apps: by May 10, 2015
2. Slides: by May 20, 2015
3. Transcript: by May 30, 2015

Preferred date for talk: 26 June 2015

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