Compiling Linux Kernel & Submit first patch

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Assistant Professor
MIT Academy of Engineering, Alandi(D)

Currently working as Assistant Professor in MITAOE. Also an Github activist.
In order to keep my skills sharp I am currently trying to contribute to following open source projects:
Linux Kernel.
Apache Cassandra.

Previously contributed to:
Mozilla Firefox
Openstack Documentation
Eucalyptus Cloud.


Mayur S Patil currently working as Asst Prof at MIT Academy of Engineering, Alandi(D).

Faculty mentor for Firefox Club MITAOE. He is also an Git activist.

His areas of interest are Linux Kernel, Android, Cloud Computing, Parallel Computing.

Intended Audience: Beginner Level

Type: Students/Academicians. Typically this targets to get hands dirty on Linux Kernel.

Students/Beginner gets excited when they got understanding of Linux Kernel contribution
but they face the fear of getting things lost by compiling kernel on real machine.
This session aims at making them to feel that they are in safe hands to carryout their work.
We are using virtual environments so that no loss, only gain. ;)

This workshop i.e. Hands-on session consists of following stuff:
1. Quick Overview of Linux Kernel
2. Gathering tools for Building the Kernel
3. Compiling the Linux Kernel in Fedora/CentOS
4. Write a sample device driver.
5. Send that driver as a patch to Mailing List.

This session aims to remove "Linux Kernel Phobia" from their minds and tries to give them joy ride.
Also aims at attendees that they will start diving into Kernel world at their own.

   Come with following things preinstalled:
   1. Virtualbox or KVM (any one of them according to your choice)
   2. Linux either Fedora or CentOS (Host and Guest MUST BE Linux) Preferably DVD Image of Fedora 20 or CentOS 6.5 DVD
   3. Thunderbird 24.0.1 and configured as per this link:
      For 64 bits:
      For 32 bits:

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