"Selling" Open Source 101

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Izhar Firdaus is a Fedora Ambassador who have been contributing to Fedora Project since 2007. He was one of the founder of (now defunct) Inigo Consulting, a service company that provides development and services around Plone CMS, and currently serving as a Solution Architect in ABYRES, a Malaysian Open Source System Integrator company providing solutions around products from Red Hat, Hortonworks and other Open Source principals.

Having skills in Open Source might land you a job in existing companies, but to some of us, working with others might not cut it. I will be talking about Open Source Businesses and how you can initiate your own business providing support and professional services around your Open Source expertise. I will be covering some lesson learned from a failure from my previous company, and also what I learned in the past year from observing the business operations of 2 major Open Source vendors - Red Hat and Hortonworks.

- Why start an Open Source Business?
- Case Study: Inigo Consulting - what NOT to do
- Red Hat and Hortonworks & Open Source Business
- Models for your business

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