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Open Security for Open Source!

This is a talk about how security in an Open Source eco-system really works. Similar to the process of writing, reviewing code, documenting and bug filing/fixing etc. Security in Open source...

Speaker(s): huzaifas


oVirt - The future is in Open Source Virtualization

oVirt[1] is a free platform virtualization management web application community project started by Red Hat.
oVirt is built on libvirt[2] which could allow it to manage virtual machines...

Speaker(s): ukar


Userspace v/s Kernelspace - An ongoing war

Usually the packet processing or data exchange is done in Linux inside kernel space. However, nowadays, there is a strong shift towards exchanging and processing data from within...

Speaker(s): niteshnarayan


Rise of the Fedora Desktop : Games on Fedora

Can you imagine Fedora as the primary desktop system most of the destop PCs ? Yes, I Can!
The past few years the Fedora system is growing and evolving fast.
You can use it at any...

Speaker(s): RGeri77


An Introduction to SaaS programming in Django

The audience will be introduced to what SaaS is and then we will dive into web application design in Django, a Python web framework. They will be taught how to make a basic CRUD interface and also...



UEFI & Secure Boot

Secure Boot is a new feature added in UEFI scheme and UEFI is suppose to replace the BIOS completely. Fedora does support and is a active member of UEFI/Secure Boot implementation. I would like to...

Speaker(s): yogeshbabar420


Present and Future of Fedora Workstation

Fedora Workstation 21 received very positive reviews. The talk will focused on what it is going on in this flavor of Fedora and how we want to build on the success of F21, and what impact general...

Speaker(s): eischmann


Nuts and Bolts of Fedora Internationalization, Globalization

You will wonder when i say Fedora 21 supporting 641 languages, it is available in localized variant in these many language (Not fully but partially). This is Fudcon APAC, APAC is more about non...

Speaker(s): pravins


Build RESTful web services with Pecan and WSME


Creating RESTFul Web Services is required when you have a set of services which you want to expose. Please find the details about REST at [...

Speaker(s): coolsvap


Python3 Code profiling using Line_profiler

This talk will cover about how we can profile python code using line_profiler and improve the code.

The session will go as follows:
1) What is Profiling?
2) Introduction to...

Speaker(s): jacksonisaac


Open Source Identity Management with FreeIPA

The talk will introduce FreeIPA project as the first fully functional open source centralized authentication and identity management solution comparable to Active Directory in its capabilities but...

Speaker(s): mkosek


Gluster for Hadoop workloads

GlusterFS is an open source, distributed file system capable of scaling to several petabytes (actually, 72 brontobytes!) and handling thousands of clients. GlusterFS clusters together storage...

Speaker(s): shubhendu


DNF - New Package Manager

DNF is a package manager for rpm systems. DNF helps users to automatically update their systems. When you want to install any rpm package, you don't need to specify all its dependency packages to...

Speaker(s): paragn


Keepalived: Software Loadbalancer

Keepalived is a simple but robust opensource load balancing and high availability solution. It is included in Fedora. Linux kernel has the required IPVS facility...

Speaker(s): rrajaram


Introduction to Openvswitch

Open vSwitch is a production-quality open source implementation of a distributed virtual multilayer switch. The main purpose of Open vSwitch is to provide a switching stack for...

Speaker(s): rrajaram


Atomic Host

Fedora 21 has three flavours namely workstation, Server, and Cloud. Fedora's Cloud flavour includes an Atomic Host image for deploying containers(like Docker...

Speaker(s): rrajaram


Device Mapper and Multipath

This talk will be covering basics of device mapper layer and how multipath interact with it.

The Device Mapper is a kernel driver that provides a framework for volume management. It...

Speaker(s): ajitmote


Bitter capsule for Penguin

Linux, which has taken a major share in a tough competition among other Operating Systems, is already into the embedded systems. No matter what the size of the device is, Linux has made its...

Speaker(s): parmeshwr


Storage issue troubleshooting from OS side

This talk will be more focused for administrator but will be good knowledgeable technical session for other Linux user as well. It will cover how to troubleshoot storage issue from operating...

Speaker(s): ajitmote


Compiling Linux Kernel & Submit first patch

Intended Audience: Beginner Level

Type: Students/Academicians. Typically this targets to get hands dirty on Linux Kernel.

Students/Beginner gets excited when they got...

Speaker(s): mayurp7

Beginner Workshop